About Validin

We’re making superior domain and IP intelligence accessible for individuals and organizations to protect and defend their networks and customers.
About Validin

Our Vision

We seek to build the most accurate and complete historic mapping of global DNS state possible.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, Validin was born from a deep understanding of the critical role that comprehensive DNS data plays in cybersecurity, forensic investigations, incident response, and threat hunting.

At Validin, we seek to set a new standard for passive DNS collection and forensic capability. We created a solution that proactively generates DNS queries and records the answers - an approach known as “forward DNS” - for every domain in our massive and constantly growing database.

Our vision stemmed from recognizing the limitations of purely passive DNS and the need for a completely independent data source that could close the significant gaps left by legacy historic DNS solutions. By not relying on user or machine-generated activity, we bring a more complete and independent perspective to forensic DNS.

To realize our vision, we built numerous domain discovery tools that combine to craete a unique, world-class domain discovery engine. We scour hundreds of sources for domain names, crawl around 500 million HTTP and HTTPS endpoints daily, and make predictive guesses about domains we think exist or might exist soon.

We capture answers for every DNS name in our database, at least daily, regardless of popularity or notoriety. This approach enables us to track infrastructure before it’s widely known. Our commitment to timely, comprehensive coverage aims to give those tasked with monitoring, detecting, and preventing threats unparalleled granularity of global DNS state and history.

This unique view, combined with a platform designed from scratch for threat researchers, seeks to empower security teams and individuals with low-effort access to potent knowledge.

Our Team

Kenneth Kinion, Founder

Kenneth Kinion, Founder

Kenneth brings deep experience in software and data engineering to Validin. He started working in security data analytics with large datasets in 2008 when he graduated from Georgia Tech. He joined Microsoft to help find malicious activity through bulk data analysis. He’s worked on very high-scale data and services at Amazon in Seattle and moved back to Atlanta to work for and with numerous Atlanta-based security startups.

Before graduating college, Kenneth worked as an embedded software engineer, writing C and assembly language programs for very low-resource microcontroller applications. He’s spent time in test, development, and research roles.

Eliminate blind spots with comprehensive DNS history.