Discovering the hidden connections of the internet

Validin provides the most comprehensive platform for cyber risk mitigation and threat investigation.
Threat researchers need great contextual and historical data to track adversaries. Researchers need data that reveal the underlying patterns of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors.
Threat and SOC analysts need to quickly triage unknowns and relate unknown indicators to known threats.

Our Data

The data you need to find what you’re looking for

  • Lookalike domain feeds
  • DNS
  • Full URL crawls
  • Certificates - passive and active collection
  • Registration
  • Contextual enrichment through OSINT sources

How we get it


Monitors hundreds of sources of domain and IP intelligence, tracking changes and additions over time. Provides rich contextual information for indicators.
Manages the massively scaled-out collection process for high-volume data collection (DNS, crawling, registration information, certificates).
Custom database powering billions of pivots and trillions of data points. Enables novel, high-performance searching and unparalleled point-in-time granularity for search results.

The Validin Platform

We designed our platform to leverage our data and reinvent threat research. Say goodbye to query engineering and throttled results.
Breakthrough Performance
Our state of the art indexing technology provides clients with unprecedented querying speed and performance.
Search Flexibility
Run complex searches and get results in seconds with full customization to get exactly the results you need
Dynamic Access
Use our interface, connect via API, or buy feed reports. Whatever your use case, we have the deployment strategy for you.

The perfect solution for MSSPs, SOC Teams, and Threat Researchers