Make better security decisions with Validin's unique and extensive internet data

With Validin:

  • Proactively monitor targeted threats
  • Track threat actors as infrastructure and tactics evolve
  • Discover the unknown infrastructure of known threats
  • Actively monitor, alert on, and share collections of infrastructure
Reveal the underlying patterns of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors. Use Validin’s detailed historical context to connect and track adversaries.
Quickly understand the severity of incoming alerts with current and historic context. Understand your public exposure with Validin’s comprehensive data.

Our Data

Contextualized DNS

We add context to DNS history to help you learn about domains and IPs quickly.

  • We track sightings from hundreds of public block, reputation, and popularity to help you quickly narrow the scope of your investigations.
  • Issued and hosted certificates (includes Certificate Transparency precerts)
  • Host response banners and related hosts
  • History augmented with 11 DNS RDATA types give you broad coverage of a domain’s DNS usage and history

Complete context with distilled insights

Reputation, DNS history, subdomains, related hosts, and certificates - all in one screen.
Identify Past Security Incidents
Uncover previously undetected threats and security breaches by analyzing historical DNS data.
Enhance Threat Intelligence
Gain valuable insights into malicious domains, command-and-control servers, and suspicious activities.
Proactive Defense
Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with proactive threat hunting and anomaly detection.

Eliminate blind spots with comprehensive DNS history.